Authors Guideline

Authors are requested to follow these detailed guidelines for manuscript submission:

1. Proofreading:

Ensure that your manuscript is thoroughly proofread and polished to eliminate any errors before submission.

2. Originality:

Your manuscript must be original and should not have been published previously or be under consideration elsewhere.

3. Template:

Use the IRE manuscript template to maintain consistency and adherence to the journal's format requirements.

4. Language and Format:

Write your manuscript in English.

Submit your manuscript in MS Word format (either .doc or .docx).

5. Formatting:

Follow the IRE Journals Manuscript Format closely to ensure your submission meets the journal's standards.

Use the "Times New Roman" font throughout your manuscript to maintain a professional appearance.

6. Length:

Ensure that your manuscript is between 3 to 15 pages in length.

7. Authors:

A maximum of four authors* is allowed per paper.

8. Keywords:

Include index terms or keywords to facilitate the search and indexing of your manuscript.

9. Submission Steps:

Follow the provided submission steps carefully to ensure a smooth and prompt publication process.

10. Notification:

‌After submission, you will receive an email notification regarding the acceptance or rejection of your manuscript.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can ensure a smooth submission and review process for your manuscript.