Gender Inclusiveness And Promotional Support To Tourism
  • Author(s): Dr. Vidya H. N.
  • Paper ID: 1701262
  • Page: 330-332
  • Published Date: 01-06-2019
  • Published In: Iconic Research And Engineering Journals
  • Publisher: IRE Journals
  • e-ISSN: 2456-8880
  • Volume/Issue: Volume 2 Issue 11 May-2019

This paper explores the issues relating to raising awareness and opportunities for women in tourism sector through gender inclusiveness policies. Gender inclusiveness includes initiatives linking women with comprehensive capacity building, community development, entrepreneurship and leadership development programs which support stability and sustainability and help women empowerment. Women can be very supportive to tourism sector. Considering their number they can prove an imperative link to women empowerment initiatives. If gender inclusiveness initiatives created at all levels of governance along with the support from NGOs , are directed towards empowering women politically ,socially and economically , Tourism sector can be further strengthened . But there are several challenges in gender inclusiveness while framing tourism policies. Indian society reflects a wide gap between women?s inclusiveness initiatives and her desire for inclusion in society. Gender inclusiveness initiatives are constrained by cultural stereotypes that originate in communities that limit women?s inclusiveness. This wide gap often amplifies the level of training and capacity building initiatives taken up by the Department of Tourism across all Indian states. Women lack overall knowledge about opportunities deriving from tourism sector. Hence, a need for appropriate vocational training and skill development training specially designed for women is considered an extreme inevitability. These comprehensive initiatives can guarantee long term stability and sustainability envisioned by Government of India and ever expanding Indian Tourism sector. In order to evade all hurdles in implementing gender equity measures. Securing women access to land, credit and property to promote the sustainability of women tourism businesses is considered a top priority in brining empowerment. There is a need to determine ways of overcoming obstacles to the empowerment and equality of women and youth in the tourism sector. There is a call for enhanced co-operation and co-ordination between government authorities, regional and international organizations the private sector and civil society actors to tap the potential of women in tourism. There is a call for forging collaboration between tourism private sector and women organizations across India. Besides , working together to get rid of all types of barriers to women sustainable inclusion needs a touch of sustainability . There is a need to develop gender training and instruction across all levels of work linking tourism and women empowerment activities . This will help to include women as active participants in the formulation of tourism policy and empowerment strategies.


women, tourism, opportunities, challenges


IRE Journals:
Dr. Vidya H. N. "Gender Inclusiveness And Promotional Support To Tourism" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals Volume 2 Issue 11 2019 Page 330-332

Dr. Vidya H. N. "Gender Inclusiveness And Promotional Support To Tourism" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals, 2(11)