Design Of Wood Cutting Band Saw
  • Author(s): Nagendra Akula ; RVS Lakshmi
  • Paper ID: 1701945
  • Page: 127-131
  • Published Date: 25-02-2020
  • Published In: Iconic Research And Engineering Journals
  • Publisher: IRE Journals
  • e-ISSN: 2456-8880
  • Volume/Issue: Volume 3 Issue 8 February-2020

A sawing machine is a machine tool designed to cut off bar stock, tubing, pipe, or any metal stock within its capacity, or to cut sheet stock to desired contours. The sawing machine functions by bringing a saw blade containing cutting teeth in contact with the work piece to be cut, and drawing the cutting teeth through the work piece. The sawing machine is much faster and easier than hand sawing, and is used principally to produce an accurate square or mitered cut on rectangular or cylindrical material. One of the two common types of sawing machines used for metal cutting in the machine shop is the band saw machine. The band saw machine cuts by drawing a continuous metal b and, called a band saw blade, across the work piece. The, band saw blade is supported and driven by a drive wheel and an idler wheel. A band saw is a power saw with a long, sharp blade consisting of a continuous band of toothed metal stretched between two or more wheels to cut material. They are used principally in woodworking, metalworking, and lumbering, but may cut a variety of materials. Advantages include uniform cutting action as a result of an evenly distributed tooth load, and the ability to cut irregular or curved shapes like a jigsaw, The minimum radius of a curve is determined by the width of the band and its kerfs. Most band saws have two wheels rotating in the same plane, one of which is powered, although some may have three or four to distribute the load. The blade itself can come in a variety of sizes and tooth pitches (teeth per inch, or TPI), which enables the machine to be highly versatile and able to cut a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and plastic. Almost all band saws today are powered by an electric motor. Line shaft versions were once common but are now antiques


saw, rectangular, cylindrical, kerfs, curved shape.


IRE Journals:
Nagendra Akula , RVS Lakshmi "Design Of Wood Cutting Band Saw" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals Volume 3 Issue 8 2020 Page 127-131

Nagendra Akula , RVS Lakshmi "Design Of Wood Cutting Band Saw" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals, 3(8)