Blockchain based E-Voting System
  • Author(s): Prabal Malik ; Garima Gupta ; Arnav Jain ; Luvjeet Singh
  • Paper ID: 1704040
  • Page: 594-599
  • Published Date: 25-05-2023
  • Published In: Iconic Research And Engineering Journals
  • Publisher: IRE Journals
  • e-ISSN: 2456-8880
  • Volume/Issue: Volume 6 Issue 11 May-2023

E-voting, or electronic voting, refers to the use of electronic systems to facilitate the casting and counting of votes. One way to implement e-voting is through the use of blockchain technology, which can provide a secure and transparent way to record and tally votes. In a blockchain-based e-voting system, voters can cast their votes electronically using a device such as a computer or smartphone. The votes are then recorded on a distributed ledger, which is a database that is shared and maintained by multiple parties. Each vote is recorded as a transaction on the ledger, and the ledger is secured using cryptographic techniques to ensure that it cannot be altered. There are various possible benefits of using blockchain technology in e-voting. For one thing, it can aid in the prevention of voter fraud by giving a tamper-evident record of the votes cast. Furthermore, because the ledger is visible to everybody, it can strengthen the transparency of the voting process. This can contribute to increased trust in the voting process and results. Overall, the application of blockchain technology in e-voting has the potential to increase the integrity and transparency of the voting process, potentially leading to a global acceptance of e-voting systems. Smart contracts are significant bits of code that must be inserted into the blockchain and executed as scheduled in each phase of the blockchain update process. E-voting is another hot, but important, subject in the world of internet services. The blockchain, along with smart contracts, appears to be a promising option for application in the construction of safer, cheaper, more secure, transparent, and easier-to-use e-voting systems. Ethereum and its network are among the most ideal because to their stability, extensive use, and supply of smart contracts logic. An e-voting system must be safe, since it should not allow duplicate votes and be completely visible, all while respecting the participants' privacy. We built and tested an e-voting system in this project. Application as a smart contract for the Ethereum network written in Solidity.


Blockchain, Ethereum, Decentralized, Digitalization


IRE Journals:
Prabal Malik , Garima Gupta , Arnav Jain , Luvjeet Singh "Blockchain based E-Voting System" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals Volume 6 Issue 11 2023 Page 594-599

Prabal Malik , Garima Gupta , Arnav Jain , Luvjeet Singh "Blockchain based E-Voting System" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals, 6(11)