Service Quality of Pest Control in Baguio City, Philippines
  • Author(s): Donny Calicdan Calaunan
  • Paper ID: 1705452
  • Page: 470-483
  • Published Date: 30-01-2024
  • Published In: Iconic Research And Engineering Journals
  • Publisher: IRE Journals
  • e-ISSN: 2456-8880
  • Volume/Issue: Volume 7 Issue 7 January-2024

In response to the widespread pest infestation, a thriving industry has emerged, leveraging pest control for income and stability. Technological advances have revolutionized the field, introducing more efficient pest extermination methods. With the proliferation of Pest Control Services, intensified competition underscores a focus on customer satisfaction. This study evaluates service quality in Baguio City, examining compliance with client requirements, overall service quality, and the relationship between compliance and perceived quality. Using a descriptive correlational design, the researcher employed a survey questionnaire for 140 clients. Findings reveal high compliance (mean average of 3.71) and perceived very high service quality (mean score of 3.91). A significant moderate relationship (correlation coefficient of 0.372) links compliance and perceived quality. Common challenges faced by providers include delayed reports, billing issues, scheduling conflicts, document requirements, and concerns about protective gear. Conclusions highlight the industry's commitment to meeting client needs, emphasizing providers' capability for high-quality service. The study suggests that compliance may not solely influence perceptions, urging continuous service improvement. Recommendations include designing functional protective gear, formulating timely responsiveness policies, enhancing compliance at higher service quality, and institutionalizing personnel training for sustained quality service delivery.


SERVQUAL (Service Quality), IPM (Integrated Pest Control Management), ISM (Integrated Sanitation Management), PCO (Pest Control Operators)


IRE Journals:
Donny Calicdan Calaunan "Service Quality of Pest Control in Baguio City, Philippines" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals Volume 7 Issue 7 2024 Page 470-483

Donny Calicdan Calaunan "Service Quality of Pest Control in Baguio City, Philippines" Iconic Research And Engineering Journals, 7(7)